The next big thing in social media is here, again. and this time, its exclusivity is taking the world by storm and shifting the social media trends as we know it. Here’s what you need to know about Clubhouse and how the cannabis industry can adapt.

What is Clubhouse? 

Clubhouse is a social networking app based on audio chat. Its users can listen in to conversations, interviews, discussions, and debates between different people on desired topics. Think of it this way, it is just like tuning in to a live podcast and interacting with it. Launched officially in april 2020, Clubhouse is now climbing the ranks to becoming the top app on the app store and is on its way to topping off the list of social networking platforms. Bear in mind, all that and the app is quite exclusive. Yes, exclusive; the app is invite-only. Meaning you can’t just download the app of the app store and start using it, instead you have to be invited by an existing user in order to gain access to Clubhouse.

Similar to other social networking platforms, once you join, you select your preferred topics of interest and the app will link you to relevant conversation rooms.

How to get a Clubhouse Invite? 

Existing users can’t just send an invite to anyone as Clubhouse limits invites to just two at the beginning, which further reinforces the app’s exclusivity.
Clubhouse have stated that their goal is to finish beta testing early on this year and release the app to the public then. 

What makes Clubhouse Different? 

The biggest differentiator that sets Clubhouse apart from other platforms is that clubhouse is an audio only platform. In simple terms, the app combines the experience of traditional podcasts with that of conferences to bring users an innovative way to discuss their desired topics with other people, including, world-class celebrities, experts, and leaders in their fields.

All these conversations happen live, and they occur in something called rooms. Each room handles a certain topic. 

What does this mean for the cannabis industry? 

Having a new networking platform that allows specialists and experts to portray their information can be a huge step for the globalization and acceptance of cannabis. More conversation about it means more people are involved in breaking the taboo chains that the cannabis industry has. Several conversations advocating the proper use and spread of cannabis have already begun shining on the platform.

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