Where To Find a Cannabis Club Near Me

The Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona Available Right Now

Barcelona has over 200 cannabis clubs operating in the city. However, only around 20 clubs are worth visiting. You don’t need intermediaries to join the cannabis clubs in Barcelona. In fact, you can contact them directly and follow the instructions. Meaning, you can fill out the ‘contact form’ on their website, or you can also contact them on their Facebook page.

The most common reply for a cannabis club making new members is:

“Please, show this message at the reception desk and bring your ID to identify yourself as a legal adult (age). We can’t answer further questions until we meet face to face at the club.”

For a cannabis club closed for new members, they normally reply:

“Thank you for your interest in our organization. We are not making new members at the moment. We will get back to you when we reopen for new members. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Cannabis clubs can stop taking new members at any time, so don’t contact them weeks in advance. If you want to know which cannabis clubs are available to visit right now, click on the bottom below and follow the instructions. If you do this, you don’t need to contact each cannabis club directly.

Cannabis Clubs

Cannabis Clubs In Barcelona

The Top 3 Cannabis Clubs to Visit Today

The cannabis clubs listed above are top notch. However, we update our list on a daily basis depending on how well the dispensaries are managed.

The top 3 clubs mentioned above are currently offering the best cannabis club menu in Barcelona, by far! If you are a weed connoisseur and have a delicate palate, you can’t miss any of these clubs.

Note: the information about the menu is available only to existing members, so please don’t ask about it till you meet them face to face at the reception desk.

The Best Cannabis Clubs

Cannabis tourism exists in Barcelona. Therefore, it’s not legal, nor illegal to join a cannabis club. As a result, most clubs are very discrete about membership registration, so don’t expect a formal invitation.

If the cannabis club is asking you to identify yourself as a legal adult at the reception desk, do so, and save your questions till you meet them face to face.

Note: you don’t need an invitation to visit a club, but is always best to contact them in advance and follow the instructions.

Warning: Some cannabis clubs in the city center may be surrounded by street promoters or drug dealers. If you are planning to score some weed with a street dealer, do not approach any of these clubs. Street promoters work for illegal cannabis clubs that offer group discounts or cheap memberships to lure clients to their venues.

Many tourists end up in the hospital each year for smoking weed sold by illegal cannabis clubs. So, don’t be stupid.

Every time you accept help from a street promoter, you are financing criminal organizations and putting yourself at risk. Please, use Google Maps to find a club, and if you get lost call them and ask for directions. Don’t accept help from strangers on the street. Legal cannabis clubs don’t work with street promoters.

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Visit a Cannabis Club Today

Barcelona has over 200 cannabis clubs but less than 20 may be worth visiting. They are not stores, nor coffeeshops, they are private cannabis associations. Anyone wishing to enter must complete full membership registration. However, not all cannabis clubs are open to new members. If you wish to know the best clubs available right now, click on the bottom below.


Members of cannabis clubs must show their ID at the reception desk to prove they are a legal adult (18 or 21). Valid forms of ID are passport, driver’s licence or any government issued ID. Pictures of the ID on the phone or printed copies are not valid forms of identification.

How Can I join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

How can I join a Cannabis Club

Who Can join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

Who Can join a Cannabis Club

When are Cannabis Clubs Open in Barcelona

When are Cannabis Clubs Open