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The Best Cannabis Club Guide in Barcelona

Cannabis Barcelona is the most complete guide for cannabis clubs in the city. We collect real data, unique insight, and up-to-date information from the local community on a daily basis. Moreover, we operate side by side with the best clubs in the city center where you are most likely to make mistakes and get caught in tourist traps. Therefore, Cannabis Barcelona advocates for the safe and responsible use of cannabis.

Cannabis Barcelona is the largest community of local cannabis clubs members in the city center. Thus, we share genuine information by speaking directly with active members of the community. In other words, we gather intelligence from workers, growers, smokers, lawyers, journalists, politicians, the police, street promoters, and even drug dealers to better understand the cannabis culture in Barcelona.

Whether you are a marijuana lover or just a casual smoker, you will find Cannabis Barcelona extremely useful in helping you avoid the risks associated with the black market. All in all, our online community is often used by people, organizations, investors, and corporations who wish to join, participate, or work in the cannabis industry in Barcelona.

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Barcelona has over 200 cannabis clubs but less than 20 may be worth visiting. They are not stores, nor coffeeshops, they are private cannabis associations. Anyone wishing to enter must complete full membership registration. However, not all cannabis clubs are open to new members. If you wish to know the best clubs available right now, click on the bottom below.

Members of cannabis clubs must show their ID at the reception desk to prove they are a legal adult (18 or 21). Valid forms of ID are passport, driver’s licence or any government issued ID. Pictures of the ID on the phone or printed copies are not valid forms of identification.

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