For anyone familiar with anything related to the cannabis industry, they surely have heard or even caught up with the CBD craze going on at the moment. CBD’s various benefits and lack of psychoactivity has aided to substantially grow in popularity over the past couple of years. But we at Cannabis Barcelona have reason to believe that another cannabis compound is coming to take over the throne, and for various reasons.

CBG, short for Cannabigerol, is a cannabis compound first discovered in the 1960s, but only received its moments of fame just recently. Cannabigerol or CBG is the precursor from which all other cannabinoids are incorporated. 

CBG functions as an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety treatment without the typical drowsy and paranoia effect THC has. Some animal studies have shown that Cannabigerol stimulates pain and heat receptors in addition to stimulating other receptors in the blood vessels, and having a hand in regulating blood pressure. Laboratory studies have also shown CBG to have antibacterial properties.

Other CBG functions and benefits are as follows: 

. Reduces and treats Glaucoma through regulating intraocular pressure, effectively reducing fluid pressure in the eye. 

. Aids in the protection of brain cells against degeneration. 

. Some studies have shown that CBG can assist in the inhibition of the growth of cancer cells and tumors. 

. Reduces inflammation in inflammatory bowel diseases, yet this is yet to be 100% confirmed.

Actually the only negative aspect we know about CBG, is that we don’t know enough to prove all its benefits. all we know s that CBG has very high potential, but we have yet to discover its vast functions. 

A lot of these effects are shared with CBD, but the mere fact that all this has been discovered whilst only just grazing the top of the effects CBG is astounding. CBG is usually present in small quantities in hemp, and when we reach a point where we further our understanding and analysis of the CBG, only then we will unlock its true powerful potential. 

Experts and scientists alike are looking forward to experience further research as this natural compound has so much hidden under its sleeve.

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