In today’s world, the cannabis edibles market is rapidly changing with all the new advancements that we are discovering regarding cannabis and all the legalization activities that are shaping way for better research and deeper understandings for the cannabis plant.

Up until recently, medical marijuana edibles markets were almost monopolized by a niche group of patients who consume weed edibles as a replacement for dangerous and possibly addictive pharmaceutical drugs meant to treat certain cases. As new waves of cannabis trends and discoveries sweep the world, this industry is quickly adapting to cater the preferences of all consumers, be them young, old, male, female, rich, poor, seeking a powerful face-smashing dose or simply just an introductory dose,and is delivering a wide array of products designed to satisfy different desires.

In Barcelona, this industry is gaining enough momentum to put it under the spotlight; cannabis edibles produced here are considered some of the tastiest, most potent, and most creative cannabis edibles in the world today. This blog will cover the top cannabis edibles in Barcelona for 2021.

1. Mr. Cookie 

Considered by many some of the best cookies one can have letting aside the fact that they are cannabis edibles, the Mr. Cookie edibles are as good as you can imagine. With various delicious combinations ranging from chocolate chip cookies with Oreo or Kinder fillings to brownie/cookie hybrids that’ll definitely make you speechless! Not only do these cookies taste amazing but they also pack quite the strong punch! Baked to perfection, these edibles are suitable for first-timers as well as full blown connoisseurs!

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5 

2. Billy Kush

Billy Kush produce some of the best cannabis edibles in the form of gummies and jellies. This brand has successfully managed to combine the sweet fruity gummy experience with the amazing high that cannabis edibles provide, what more can one ask for, snacking on some of the tastiest gummies while reaching highs you could never expect.

Our Rating: 4 / 5

3. Stoneo 

The only thing better than Oreo’s in this world are the Stoneo’s. Imagine that chocolate cookies engulfing that pillow of delicious cream with all packing an unforgettable punch. This combo is perfect for those die-hard fans of the oreo cookies and are willing to take it to the next level! How can you go wrong by pairing delicious cookies with a strong medicated high! These cookies can be found here.

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

4. Runtz Gummies

Aside from being some of the most elaborate and delicious tasting cannabis-infused edibles, The Runtz Gummies pack a potent kick to reduce pain, help ease your mind and  stress away, all the while leaving you with the enjoyment of the deliciousness and the feeling of being high as a kite. Last, it’s ideal at any time of the day and has a variety of flavors like Berries, Green Apple, and Watermelon.

Our Rating: 5 / 5 

5. Afterglow Cannabis

A company that originated in the hills of California, Afterglow is now offering vape pens and edibles in Barcelona and the rest of Spain. With the experience amounted in Cali, the aterglow brand has worked tirelessly to achieve credibility and to provide the european market with high quality cannabis products fitting to the highest standards worldwide.

Our Rating: 4 / 5 

Barcelona has its fair share of cannabis edibles and for those seeking to have the best of the best, we hope that this blog helps you find that! We would also like to take the opportunity to advise the responsible consumption of cannabis or weed edibles, and to always have a safe and controlled experience!

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