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Basic Info

Name: Smoke Weed Barcelona

Minimum Age: 18




Smoking devices available: Paper, filters, grinder, bongs, vaporizers

Bar: Tea, infusions, coffee, cakes, sodas

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Located just minutes walking distance from Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona, Somke Cannabis Club is highly regarded as one of the higher quality clubs in the city.

The club’s space is gracefuly designed to perfectly combine elegance with comfort, with a clean and slick decor style that left us in awe.

As for their marijuana, Smoke Weed Barcelona carries a wide selection of weed ranging from heavy indicas to uplifting sativas. The quality of their cannabis is above standard, but might be a bit towards the expensive side; but we still think it’s worth it.

Smoke Weed Barcelona has a very modern, hip and chic decor on its establishment, the sofas are high quality and designer looks. This club is pretty much a super high standard compared to most of the cannabis clubs here in Barcelona. It is focused on the higher level of cannabis connoisseurs and has a very flavorful menu with a wide selection of Indicas, Hybrids, and Sativas that you can choose depending on what type of high are you looking.

The staff is very welcoming and has very interesting criteria to recommend the perfect strain for what you want to experience.

All in all, we give our Cannabis Barcelona our seal of approval for Smoke Weed Barcelona.