Basic Info

Name: Backwoods Weed Club

Minimum Age: 18

Web: Social Media:


Smoking devices available: Paper, filters, grinder, bongs, vaporizers

Bar: Tea, infusions, coffee, cakes, sodas, cakes, cookies

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Not all cannabis clubs are open for new members.
It is always best to contact them directly to confirm you can show up.
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Backwoods Weed Club was a surprise for us! At just a couple of steps away from La Sagrada Familia, Backwoods Weed Club really boasts a cannabis club vibe like no other! With a collection ranging from different strains of flower to all kinds of exctracts and concentrates, Backwoods Weed Club really doesn’t fail to impress!

Their budtenders are some of the friendliest people we’ve seen in the city and were happily ready to help us in whatever issue we raised or question we had! A club for others to look up to!