Marijuana Barcelona is a little different than all the other cannabis club’s websites. It works as a guide to joining a cannabis club in Barcelona. Once you enter the website, you can see a detailed description of how to gain access through specific steps to join a cannabis club in Barcelona.

For every club listed, they have the address and a link to the club’s website. They have tips and recommendations, which is great for people that are not familiarized with the cannabis culture in Barcelona, they also offer a Weed Map section where you can see all the clubs on their system and that they recommend.

Everything you need to know is explained step by step. Age and nationality restrictions, use of cannabis outside the clubs, registration fees, opening hours, street promoters warning, vocabulary, cannabis clubs’ contacts, and the information you need to provide to the club in order to become a member.

Marijuana Barcelona is an excellent source of cannabis club information, especially if this is your first time looking for a cannabis club in Barcelona.