Leafly started as an informational website to portray information about all the different strains of marijuana that were popping around when the legal cannabis industry began  rising around 2010.

They have a website and an app, they both work very well with a very nice layout. The cannabis club directory has a lot of areas indexed but some of them lack updated information about some of the clubs and their menus, this is a considerable negative point.

In this platform, reliable information can be found about many clubs, but we also find fake clubs “created” by illegal cannabis promoters, scammers. This means the website doesn’t have a control or verification step to publish in their listing. This is another negative point.

As there are good things as well as bad ones, one of the best things about Leafly is its strain directory. It has a highly detailed and credible description of the effects, THC & CBD ratios, flavors, high type, etc. of each strain. In addition to that, it also has a review section where users can tell their own experience with the different strains.