Basic Info

Name: Kush

Minimum Age: 18


Social Media: 


Smoking devices available: Bongs, pipes, prerolled papers

Bar: Snacks and Drinks


Kush cannabis club is one of the most extravagant clubs in Barcelona. Well located on the edge of the Gothic district. The decoration and atmosphere of this club are very particular and it makes you stop to admire the details. What it makes Kush different is its spacious feel and gorgeous interior. Furthermore, we have to highlight that is a very comfortable place to smoke.

This cannabis club, like the others, has a nice bar where you can get a drink or munchies. The dispensary menu is pretty wide, and complete, offering around 20 different strains and many superior hash varieties.

In sum, Kush is a very nice club and very recommended if you want to join an unusual cannabis club in Barcelona.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

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