Basic Info

Name: Gelato Weed Club

Minimum Age: 18

Social Media: 


Smoking devices available: Papers, filters, grinders, bongs, vapes, and pipes

Bar: Water, coffee, beers, sodas and tea

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Gelato Weed Club Review

Gelato Weed Club is considered as one of the finest weed clubs in Barcelona, and for many reasons. What makes Gelato Weed Club different than the other clubs in the city is its attention to detail in its products, especially the wide selection of marijuana strains and products.

Not only does Gelato offer various strains of weed  in the forms of sativas, indicas, hybrids, with many world famous strains available at the dispensary that would please any marijuana conoisseur.

The club itself is located in the beautiful central district of Barcelona, steps away from many attractions and famous bars and restaurants. It has a very charming decor that will instantly make the members feel at home and comfortable.

Gelato Weed Club’s personnel are nothing short of professional and friendly, always willing to help you out at every step of the way with whatever you need, be it advice on what to get or try and how to handle the weed.

All in all, Gelato Weed Club is truly a very special club that one should try whilst in Barcelona.