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Basic Info

Name: G13 Cannabis Club

Address: Carrer de Nàpols, 187

Minimum Age: 18


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Smoking devices available: Paper, filters, grinder, bongs, vaporizers

Bar: Tea, infusions, coffee, cakes, sodas

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Not all cannabis clubs are open for new members.
It is always best to contact them directly to confirm you can show up.
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The G13 is located right in the heart of the city in Eixample, it’s one of the most centric clubs around the city, they carry a wide range of quality products and amazing stoner ambiance.

The club space is amazing with a very unique decoration and very comfortable areas where you can lay down and chill out. They have a great value-cost relation with top quality strains and other strains perfect for your budgets.

The G13 Club is prepared for having fun, there’s a wide selection of gadgets and toys to enjoy all your cannabis buds the way you like it. There’s a pretty decent sound system all around the club with great music and perfect for all the events that they do in the club.

You won’t be disappointed with the G13 Cannabis Club!