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Basic Info

Name: Dragon Cannabis Club (AKA: DCC)

Minimum Age: 18

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Smoking devices available: Papers, filters, grinders, bongs and pipes

Bar: Water, coffee, beers, sodas and tea

Menu: 20+ strains of weed, 12+ types of resins, and more cannabis products

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Dragon Cannabis Club Review

Dragon Cannabis Club has a reputation as one of the best coffee shops in the entire city, and as this review will attest, it’s a well-earned reputation. Dragon has been around for nearly a decade, staking its claim as one of Barcelona’s original coffeeshops. With a high-class but relaxed environment, a more mature crowd and cannabis products that’ll make any connoisseur happy, Dragon is unquestionably a 5 Star Barcelona Coffeeshop.

Dragon Cannabis Club offers a superb, large selection of fine marijuana, including several award-winning varieties. This included Cali weed, premium and local regular varieties. Besides they also have a selection of the best cannabis products in the market. Dragon Cannabis Club literally has the best dispensary menu in the city.

The colors, the music and the decoration of this club are perfectly balanced; it’s easy to feel relaxed even when the place is busy. The whole place has a chill ambiance with low lights giving you a very cozy feeling.