Basic Info

Name: Betty Boop

Minimum Age: 18

Web: bettyboopbcn.com

Social Media:


Smoking devices available: Bongs, pipes and Volcano Vaporizers

Bar: Drinks, snacks

Menu: Wide array of varieties between sativa, hybrid and indica strains.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

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Final Review

Betty Boop is one of the most famous cannabis clubs in Barcelona, located in the fancy area, Sant Gervasi. It’s also well known as the club where many Hip Hop and Rap stars visit when they are in the city. You can check it out in their particular wall full of these star’s autographs, right in front of the dispensary.

This club consists of two main rooms and a reception area. In the first room, there is a bar, the dispensary, and the autographs wall. In the other room, there is a soft light, a lot of comfy couches, and one PS4. The decoration is all around the Betty Boop character and Barcelona, displayed in a graffiti style.

About the dispensary, this club has a good variety of weed, hash, and edibles, that we can classify as premium products. They also have a large variety of THC vape pens.

Overall it’s a nice place to smoke, especially if you live around the area. But it’s not that special to move from far away.