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Finally arriving in Barcelona, Cookies is the home of the world famous brand for all Marijuana paraphernalia, gear, accessories,growing supplies, and even clothing. Cookies have established themselves as more of a lifestyle and not just a regular cannabis product brand. Its long awaited arrival in Barcelona has a lot of significance in the industry here as Cookies will bring in more experienced players in the market, with their extremely high knowledge in this matter. They even developped their own strains, and have competed in multiple cannabis clubs for them, proving their experience and expertise in the cannabis market.

Not only will you be able to find whatever you need regarding your cannabis at Cookies, but they are also considered some of the best experts when it comes to advise for growing your own plant; with their own suggestions and tips and tricks.

All in all, Cookies Barcelona will surely prevail as one of the best headshops in Barcelona, if not in all Europe.

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