Who can join a Cannabis Club

Legal Age to Access a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

According to Spanish law, an 18 year­ old is considered a legal adult. In principle, it is legal for an 18 year old to consume cannabis but most clubs only accept 21 as the minimum age. Please take this information into consideration, if you want to join a cannabis club.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Foreigners and Barcelona’s Cannabis Clubs

You don’t need to be a Spanish citizen to join a cannabis club in Barcelona.
Currently, there is no law that forbids foreigners from registering in a cannabis club in Barcelona. Some of them will take foreign IDs (passport or driver’s license) as a valid form of identification but others may only accept Spanish IDs. Student IDs are not valid forms of identification.

When contacting the club, it is important to quote your nationality/residency to prevent a last ­minute setback.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Barcelona has over 200 cannabis clubs but less than 20 may be worth visiting. They are not stores, nor coffeeshops, they are private cannabis associations. Anyone wishing to enter must complete full membership registration. However, not all cannabis clubs are open for new members. If you wish to know the best clubs available right now, click on the bottom below.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Members of cannabis clubs must show their ID at the reception desk to prove they are a legal adult (18 or 21). Valid forms of ID are passport, drivers licence or any government issued ID. Pictures of the ID on the phone or printed copies are not valid forms of identification.

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How can I join a Club

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