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Weed Map Barcelona

The one place where you’ll find the best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

There are over 200 cannabis clubs in the city but only around 15 are worth visiting in Barcelona. From them you can expect top quality, a wide variety and a full range of products. On this section you may find a list of clubs closest to the city center using Plaza Catalunya as the point of reference.

Cannabis Clubs recommended by us

All Cannabis clubs in our listing are TOP NOTCH, they offer the best of the best in Barcelona. But there are a few clubs that are verified by us and have proven over time to guarantee a pleasant experience with quality ensured  for its members.

Note: These clubs are marked with blue on our listing bellow. Give them a chance and check them out. You won’t regret it.

When contacting a Cannabis Club

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Cannabis Clubs In Barcelona

Cannabis in Barcelona is only legal inside the cannabis club. It’s illegal to possess and consume cannabis in public. YEAH, I know, everyone does it! but possession of cannabis in Barcelona’s street is penalised with a BIG fine. It doesn’t help telling you acquired the cannabis at the club; it might make it worse.

Barcelona Cannabis Club Map

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