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Weed Map of Cannabis Clubs Available Today

The following weed map displays only the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona available right now. First, select your club of choice from the weed map below and use Google Maps to find the address. Second, don’t forget your ID. New members must show their ID at the reception desk and pay the annual membership fee of €20. Last, don’t ask for discounts or short-term memberships, they are illegal.

Cannabis clubs won’t answer questions by email or over the phone to anyone, not even the clubs listed on this weed map. If you contact them, they will ask you to come to the club, identify yourself as a legal adult and only then answer all your questions.

Public information is legal, so a cannabis clubs can only disclose their name, address, opening hours and contact details. Also, they are allowed to give instructions on how to find the club in case someone calls them for directions. Moreover, cannabis clubs can also provide information for therapeutic purposes. However, if the questions are related to THC, or the cannabis club menu, they will ask you to come to the reception desk and meet them face to face.

Barcelona Cannabis Club Map

The Best 3 Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

The cannabis clubs listed on this weed map are great, but if you are looking for best of the best, the top 3 clubs on the list are simply outstanding.

From time to time, some of the clubs really beat our expectations. The top 3 spots are reserved for the cannabis clubs which have reached the maximum quality standards for Barcelona.

Note: These clubs are marked with blue on our listing bellow.

If you Wish to Contact a Cannabis Club

If you decide to use this weed map, you don’t need to contact each cannabis club directly. If you try to message them, they will reply:

“Please show your ID at the reception desk to identify yourself as a legal adult. We can’t answer any questions till we meet face to face at the reception desk. Please be patient and follow the instructions.”

Note: Don’t expect a formal invitation that guarantees a membership registration.

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