As cannabis is legalized in more countries across the globe, scientists and environmentalists are closely watching how outdoor growth of cannabis impacts the environment. Following is a brief guide on all you need to know about the environmental impact of legal cannabis.

Cannabis Plantation

Environmental Impact

When cannabis is grown outdoors – known as sungrown cannabis cultivation – there are several significant environmental benefits, including:

  • Sungrown cannabis preserves natural soils. Organic farming is the key to preserving the natural ecosystem. Sungrown cannabis allows farmers to implement more sustainable methods in order to preserve beneficial nutrients, retain carbon and offset global warming.
  • It supports the plants’ natural life cycle. Through the process of photosynthesis, outdoor/sungrown cannabis cultivation supports the natural system of harnessing the sun’s energy, thereby reducing energy consumption (in contrast to indoor grow systems).
  • Sungrown cannabis is more resilient. Although not a direct benefit to the environment, cannabis cultivated outdoors is more resilient to the outside elements by becoming part of the natural ecosystem.
  • Sungrown cannabis means less harmful chemicals. Outdoor cannabis cultivators tend to use fewer fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides, which are all harmful to the environment.
  • Outdoor cultivation provides natural airflow. Ample airflow is key to growing high-quality cannabis. Sungrown cannabis cultivation is shown to strengthen plant stems, support maximum plant growth, and defend against mold, mildew, plant rot, gnats, mites and more.

Cannabis Plantation

Cannabis growers must remain environmentally vigilant.

Being that cannabis is an industry born out of activism, growers of sungrown cannabis are typically positive and caring in their growing methods and in their concern for the environment.

As the industry continues to boom worldwide, it’s essential that growers – and even consumers – remain active in ensuring that the industry has a positive impact on our planet.

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