When it comes to cannabis, there are two strains: Indica and Sativa (along with a hybrid of both). Most associate Sativa with “mind” and Indica with “body.” But what are the specific differences between the two strains and which one is right for you? Following is a breakdown of each strain and their differences.

Indica Dominant Strain


Sativa is native to temperate, somewhat tropical regions close to the equator (i.e. Mexico, Colombia and Thailand). Indica, however, originated in the harsh growing environments in the Middle East and northern Africa.

In terms of today’s growers, Indica is normally the more popular strain, mainly because of Indicas mature and finish growing faster than Sativas. However, given the right conditions and care, both strains can flourish well just about anywhere.


Sativa dominant strain

Sativa plants have slender leaves and grow tall, which is more noticeable in the flowering stage. Some Sativa plants, when cultivated outdoors, can reach 12 feet high. Indica plants are shorter in height, but wider and bushier, with broad, thick leaves that better catch the sunlight.

Sativa buds are thinner and less dense than Indica. They’re also taller. As opposed to round- looking nugs, they appear rectangular, thin and fluffy.It should be noted that hybrids are common today, so it’s often hard to tell from dried herb what is Indica versus Sativa. When in doubt, ask your budtender.


There are also significant differences in the effects of Indica and Sativa. For recreational purposes, Sativas are known as the mood-lifting, energizing strains — while Indicas are better for sleep and relaxation. Subsequently, Sativa is more of a strain for daytime use and social occasions.

For medical purposes, Sativas are known to be effective in treating migraines, chronic pain, and nausea. Again, due to their uplifting effect, many patients prefer to consume Sativa throughout the day. Being that Indica generally produces a relaxed high, it’s ideal for those suffering from insomnia or other sleep-related issues – in addition to muscle spasms and anxiety. Indica is perfect for nighttime consumption or during periods of the day when you don’t need to be active.

Typically, Indica also has a higher concentration of CBD versus Sativa. Being that CBD can counteract the mind-altering properties of THC, that’s another reason why an Indica high is considered more of a “body high” as opposed to a cerebral one.


No matter what kind of high you prefer, there is some strain of cannabis for you – whether Indica, Sativa or a hybrid – that can offer whatever relief (or enjoyment) you want in your life!

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