Cannabis Club Guide Barcelona

What now??

  • Select the club of your preference from the Weed Map below, and use google maps to find the location.
  • Go to the club, ring the doorbell and show this message. You don’t need to contact them to confirm, so don’t make it complicated.
  • To identify yourself as a legal adult, please bring your ID (passport, driver’s license or any government issued ID). Photocopies are not allowed.
  • Every club charges 20€ for the annual membership.
  • Credit cards are not allowed.

WeedMap Barcelona

All you need to know about cannabis clubs in Barcelona

If you want to become a member in a cannabis club in Barcelona, you just need to follow these instructions and you’ll save yourself a great deal of trouble:

Bring a valid ID

To identify yourself as a legal adult, please bring your ID (passport, driver’s license or any government issued ID). Student ID’s and photocopies are not allowed.

Register at the reception desk

The membership registration process (interview and payment) happens at the club, not online, nor over the phone.

Membership costs €20

Don’t ask for discounts, short term membership or “can I just buy weed without joining the club”. If you can’t afford it, go out and make friends; this is Barcelona for god’s sake!

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You can get up to 100 gr (3.5 oz) of cannabis

You can get up to 50 grams of marijuana plus 50 grams of hashish from the club per month.

Don’t use financial words in connection with cannabis

Incorrect: “buy weed” or “purchase weed”.

Correct: “get weed” or “acquire weed” or “collect weed”.

What does the membership fee include?

A big smile on your face. The membership fee doesn’t include anything from the dispensary. In other words, the membership registration offers free access to the club house for 12 months, that’s it.

Avoid fake cannabis clubs and street promoters

Real clubs don’t use promoters or intermediaries that meet you somewhere on the street. Many tourists end up in hospital every year because of smoking contaminated or synthetic weed sold by these fake clubs or street promoters.

No guest policy allowed

If you are coming with someone else, they must also request an invitation, complete full membership registration and pay the membership fee. There are no exceptions. There are no group discounts, day-passes nor free entrances, they are illegal. So, please don’t insist.


Be discreet, respectful and quiet at all times. Don’t move in groups larger than 5 people and don’t take any luggage to the club. Any misbehavior could mean the cancellation of your membership and permanent expulsion from the club.

Educate yourself

Cannabis clubs have means and ways of educating their members about legal aspects of cannabis clubs in Barcelona. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask. You can learn more about marijuana in Barcelona in our blog.

How to be a Good Member

Keep a Low Profile

  • Don’t come in groups larger than 4 people, split the group if necessary.
  • Don’t come inside the club if the gate is being surveilled by police.
  • Don’t leave rental bikes parked in front of the club.
  • Don’t leave people waiting outside.
  • Don’t stay lingering near the club entrance.
  • Don’t bring any luggage to the club.
  • Just walk in and out without talking to strangers or promoters.
  • If you have Italian blood pumping in your veins, don’t SPEAK SO LOUD!

Watch Out The Police!

Cannabis is legal only inside the club – the possession of cannabis on the street is penalized with a fine of around €500. It is NOT A CRIME unless you are caught sharing it among friends in public.

If the police catch your weed – You have the right to remain silent and you DON’T NEED TO SIGN any document they ask you to sign. You can tell them: “I respect and value your work. I’m truly sorry, but I rather remain silent, so please do what you have to do.” Feel free to repeat the same sentence to anything he says.

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What can you do with the fine – Spain doesn’t have international treaties with other countries to prosecute cannabis-related fines. Some people may choose to leave the country without paying the fine. No one has ever been stopped at the airport for a cannabis-related fine.

How can you make things worse – If you tell the police you BOUGHT the weed at a cannabis club on behalf of someone else, you may be charged with drug trafficking. You may also make things worse by signing any document the police ask you to sign.

Don’t trade money on the street – If the police catch you exchanging cash and marijuana among friends, you may be charged with drug trafficking. This crime is penalized with 1-2 years in jail plus a heavy fine.

Consume Responsibly

Cannabis in Barcelona may be WAY STRONGER than you think. Yes, I know, you once smoked a whole Christmas tree with Santa Claus and you barely noticed it… I hear this all the time.

Just be careful.