As in other cities in Europe and across the globe, it’s against the law to engage in the cannabis black market: whether as a seller or buyer. Following are some tips to help you avoid the black market in Barcelona and enjoy your weed legally with peace-of-mind.

Kill the Black Market Go to a Club

Tips to keep in mind

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Never ask random people on the street if they know of a cannabis club in the area. Asking random people is asking for trouble. They may size you up as an easy mark and could either rob you on the spot – or even guide you to an illegal, illicit and even dangerous operation. Simply put, never speak to people on the street about cannabis or any drug.

Never purchase cannabis on the streets. Along the same lines as above, you should never ask to purchase cannabis from someone on the street. Also, never accept an offer from anyone who approaches you wanting to sell you cannabis.

Do your due diligence when deciding the cannabis club you want to visit and join. Most legitimate cannabis clubs in Barcelona require a recommendation or referral to help ensure that tourists and residents alike are going to legitimate clubs that are legal, safe and secure. You can research legal cannabis clubs via this website and/or Google maps.

Avoid any cannabis clubs that use street promoters or promise cheap memberships. Cannabis clubs that use street promoters or promise cheap memberships are major red flags. There are many illegal cannabis clubs that sell anything from fake weed (synthetic cannabinoids) to hashish laced with rubber. They also often sell marijuana that has not passed the quality control test used by legitimate cannabis clubs. This means that the marijuana they sell may have been sprayed with pesticides, or even worse, it could be infected with mildew that is known to cause fatal lung infections. Hundreds of tourists in Barcelona wind up in hospitals every year for smoking weed from illegal cannabis clubs.

Stay cautious and be aware of traps. If you get lost on the street on your way to a cannabis club, do not ask for – or accept help from strangers who claim to work for clubs. It very well could be a trap. A common ploy is to promise free weed with the cost of the membership, and some will even tell you that their membership is valid for multiple clubs. Again, the best rule of thumb is to not discuss cannabis or even clubs with anyone on the streets. If you are lost and unable to locate the club even with the aid of Google maps or GPS, call the club and get directions from them.

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