Marijuana Games is one of the first websites you see once you start looking for coffeeshops in Barcelona. This website has a lot of reviews of cannabis-friendly clubs in Barcelona and a lot of outdated information about the subject. From this website the only thing that I would recommend would be the reviews of Dr Dou and La Mesa. These are the only reviews that are updated. Probably because these are the clubs Russ Hudson works with. The “Coffee Shops in Barcelona: How to Get Membership” article can also be useful if this is your first time coming to Barcelona and want to know how does it work.

But let’s get to the point, the thing we really want; joining a cannabis club. The contact of this website is Russ Hudson. You can contact him by sending him an email on He’s gonna be able to get you a membership to La Mesa, Dr Dou or Kush. If you’re 21+ he’s gonna send you to La Mesa or Dr Dou.

When you send a sponsor request to Russ Hudson his response time is between 15 min-12 h, depending on the time that you write to him. You need to provide an address in Spain which he says it cannot be a hotel or hostel, but nobody really cares about that, so if this is the only address you have, don’t worry, just don’t say it’s a hotel address. You also need to bring a valid ID.

Russ Hudson is going to ask you the name of every person that wants to join, the same way as it appears on the ID. You also need to tell him at what time you want to set an appointment. He has appointments every 30 min. The best time to contact him would be the day before you want to become a member, and ask him at what time he has available to set an appointment for the next day. If you want to go to one specific club, I suggest you tell him directly. It will make things much easier.


Once you send him all those details, he’s going to send you an email confirming your appointment. Then, you need to go to the club he sent you, at the time he sent you or before. As soon as you get to the club they’re gonna explain to you how everything works and you’re gonna get your membership.


If you wish to join the club, he’s gonna ask you to meet him at some place near the club, and then he’s gonna take you to the street of the club and give you a card which you then need to show at the entrance of the club in order to become a member.

Contact: Russ Hudson

Clubs they can get you to:

  • La Mesa (21+)
  • Dr Dou (21+)
  • Kush (18+)