Leafly is a web where you will find a Cannabis Club’s directory, weed strains reviews and weed related news and articles.

The Cannabis Club’s directory has a lot of places indexed. Each one has its rating based on people’s reviews. The bad thing is that there are a lot of “clubs” listed that are not really clubs, but internet promoters. For example: “Greenline Barcelona”, “Cannabis Club Guide”.

The other bad thing is that there are some clubs that have outdated information. Also, every time you click on “Cargar más”, it shows the same clubs all over again. So all in all, not the best Cannabis Club’s directory.

On the other hand, the weed strains’ reviews are really nice. Each strain listed has a written review and a really cool video review. They list the effects, the medical aspects and the negative aspects of every strain. They also show the cannabinoid percentage composition for every strain, their flavours and similar strains.