Basic Info

Name: Trinacria Cannabis Club

Address: Carrer Argenter, 13

Opening Hours: 13:00 – 23:00 (Sunday closed)

Minimum Age: 21

Web: trinacria-social-club

Social Media: Facebook


Membership price: 20€

People in charge: Giuseppe y Melania

Promoter’s package: The promoter gets everything they charge for membership registration.

Smoking devices available: Paper, filters, grinder, bongs and pipes.

Bar: Self service fridge with drinks and snacks.

Menu: If you live in Spain the prices is 6€ per gram. If you’re a tourist the prices are from 10 to 15€. Within the Weed Menu you will find: Super Skunk, G13 Haze, Chanel Plus, Ak 47, Caramel Licious, Super Silver Haze, Critical Haze, Fruit Spirit, Super Lemon Haze, Amnesia, Candy Kush, Melon Haze, Orange Bud, Og Kush, House Plant, Sour Cheese, Afghan Kush, Somango, Lemon Lerry and Underdog. Within the Hash: Polen, Super Polen, Afghano, Nepales and Icesolator at 40 € . Also cookies at 3 €.

Final Review

The entrance of the club is a plain dark room with a desk. From the moment you enter the club you can realised they don’t care too much about first impressions. Or seconds. Once you are in, you will find another dark room with some chairs and tables, a couch with a tv in front of and of course, the playstation and the sound system.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Not all cannabis clubs are open for new members.
It is always best to contact them directly to confirm you can show up.
Or, you can also rely on affiliated websites to confirm they are available.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Membership Process

In order to become a member of “Tinacria”, you need to comply with one of these conditions:

Knowing a current member of Tinacria who can sponsor you.
Sending a sponsor request to contact@weedbarcelona.com, http://www.weedbarcelona.com/become-a-member/, or the Online Chat Support at http://www.weedbarcelona.com/

Street promoters.

For this club, a romanian street promoter called Diego stopped me in the middle of la rambla. He took me to the club. Then, when I got into the club I had to follow the usual membership process. They asked my ID and that’s it, I became a member of Tinacria.

If you don’t want to deal with street promoters, or if you are too lazy to send the sponsor request, you can just go to the club and tell them that “Emily” sent you.

Contacting weedbarcelona.com:

Usually, when you send a sponsor request their response is quick, between 5-15 min.

You need to be age 18+ in order to go to Tinacria. You need to provide an address in Spain which they say it cannot be a hotel or hostel, but nobody really cares about that, so if this is the only address you have, don’t worry, just don’t say it’s a hotel address. You need to bring a valid ID. They’re going to ask you the name of every person that wants to join, the same way as it appears on the ID. If you want to go to Tinacria specifically, I suggest you tell them directly.

Once you send them all those details, they’re going to send you an email with your invitation.