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Basic Info

Name: Marihuana Shop

Address: Carrer de Marià Cubí 101, 08021

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 01:00

Minimum Age: 18


Social Media: Facebook


Membership price: 20€

People in charge: Carla

Promoter’s package: They don’t work with promoters

Smoking devices available: Paper, filters, grinder, bongs, vapes

Bar: Beer, coffee, water, soda, cake, snacks

Marihuana Shop Menu: 5 strains, nice edibles, really good quality.

Final Review

The Marihuana Shop is a very nice club to visit. It has sort of a magic vibe to it. The first thing you notice is the LED night sky that covers the entire ceiling. Combined with its comfy furniture, dim lights and good quality products it’s the perfect spot to relax.

The staff is very reduced, but they are very friendly and thoughtful. They know a lot about different strains and can easily recommend something you’ll like .

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Not all cannabis clubs are open for new members.
It is always best to contact them directly to confirm you can show up.
Or, you can also rely on affiliated websites to confirm they are available.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Membership Process

As most clubs in the city, the membership process for the Marihuana Shop offers two alternatives. You can either fill in the form on the website and wait for a reply, or you can go directly to their Facebook page and send a message to get a more direct and faster reply.

Either way, the reply is pretty much the same and they will ask you some questions and let you know what you have to do to proceed on becoming a member.