Basic Info

Name: Grinder

Address: Carrer Lancaster, 4

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 00:00 (August)

Minimum Age: 21

Web: –

Social Media: 


Membership price: 20€

People in charge: Sherpi

Promoter’s package: The promoter get half of the membership registration.

Smoking devices available: Bongs, filters and papers.

Bar: There’s no bar, just a fridge with beverages.

Menu: Weed is all at 10 € and this menu includes: Haze Berry, BCN Haze, Northern Light, Moby Dick, Deep Cheese, Chanel, Bubble Gum, Blue Cheese and Butter.
Hash: Hardala and Rubio 10 €. Special 15 €.

Final Review

Have you ever heard LESS IS MORE?

It is a really a basic club. There is no reception, just one room. However it is nice. The decoration is lead by the color of the walls: green, red and black. There is also full of couches and chairs, and the ambience is pretty relaxing with good music and a really friendly staff.

Worth the visit, but don’t settle. Let’s move to the next!

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Not all cannabis clubs are open for new members.
It is always best to contact them directly to confirm you can show up.
Or, you can also rely on affiliated websites to confirm they are available.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Membership Process

In order to give the membership card they request the usual: to be 21+ and to have a valid ID.