Basic Info

Name: Dam Square

Address: Carrer Mare De Deu Del Pilar, 26

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 00:00

Minimum Age: 21

Web: weedbarcelona.com

Social Media: Facebook


Membership price: 20€

People in charge: Igor

Promoter’s package: The promoter gets 15€  from membership price.

Smoking devices available: There’s a lot of stuff for smokers and a lot of things you can buy.

Bar: There’s a big bar with a lot of devices for smokers, drinks and snacks.

Dam Square Menu

Menu: The prices for the weed goes from 7 to 15€. The more expensive is for the imported strains. Within the Sativa’s Menu you will find: Dutch A. Haze at 15€, Amnesia Haze at 15€, Critical Haze at 12€, Northen Haze at 12€, Ak47 at 9€. Also within the Hibrids: Cream Mandarin at 10€, and Akri, KC-33, White Rhino, Green Poison at 8€. Within the Indica’s Menu: La rica, Great White Shark, Somago Critical + and Blue Rhino at 12€, Northen Light at 7€, and the Negra 44 and  Chanel + at 9€.

There’s only one strains of hash at 8€, another at 10 €  and the others 12€.

Final Review

Following the direction in the card I found Dam Square behind a big wood door in a room with a front desk. Inside the ambience is quite nice, not so dark.  There’s plenty of tables, chairs, couches for everyone, and the AC is a BIG PLUS if you are looking for a comfy couch during August.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Not all cannabis clubs are open for new members.
It is always best to contact them directly to confirm you can show up.
Or, you can also rely on affiliated websites to confirm they are available.

Cannabis Clubs Available Today

Membership Process

In order to become a member of “Dam Square”, you need to comply with one of these conditions:

Knowing a current member of Dam Square who can sponsor you.
Sending a sponsor request to contact@weedbarcelona.com, http://www.weedbarcelona.com/become-a-member/, or the Online Chat Support at http://www.weedbarcelona.com/
Street promoters.
If you are too lazy to send the sponsor request, you can just go to the club and tell them that “Emily” sent you this invitation.

Usually, when you send a sponsor request their response is quick, between 5-15 min.

You need to be age 18+ in order to go to Dam Square. You need to provide an address in Spain which he says it cannot be a hotel or hostel, but nobody really cares about that, so if this is the only address you have, don’t worry, just don’t say it’s a hotel address. You need to bring a valid ID. They’re going to ask you the name of every person that wants to join, the same way as it appears on the ID. If you want to go to Dam Square specifically, I suggest you tell them directly.

Once you send him all those details, they’re going to send you an email with your invitation.

Basic info



Final Review

Membership Process

Email Sequence

When I contacted them to go to Dam Square, they asked me the name of every person that wanted to join with me, the way they appeared on the ID’s. Then, I replied the names. To that email they replied:


You have the invitation in the attachment, please show the invitation at the reception of the club. DO NOT enter in the club without showing the invitation from the attachment(the photo).

DO NOT accept invitations from the street people, even it’s a very big club! this is illegal and you can have problems with the undercover police. We care about the safety of our members.

The Club is DAM SQUARE, program 12:30 till midnight.

The address is:

Carrer de la Mare de Déu del Pilar, 26, 08003 Barcelona, Spain (Catalunya)

i will give you and google maps(please use google maps to be sure):


The club have a beautiful big wooden door with some sculptures

PS: Please send me a reply if you succeeded to become a member and a short feedback.

Best regards,